Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Recent Goings-On

There has been a lot of summer fun going on in the Barlow family.

On August 2nd, there was an Anasazi trail walker BBQ at our friend Kellicia's cabin. There is a certain magic out on the trail and it makes you completely love the people you work with. To this day, my trail walker friends are some of my best friends.

Have you ever read that blog Well, this is my very own cakewreck that I created. My husband Carl's birthday was on July 31st, and my sister-in-law Tiffany's birthday was August 1st. This cake was made "in honor of" their joint birthday party. At least it tasted really good. I'll give $100.00 to the person who can guess what that 3-armed propeller-looking thing is in the middle of the cake.

We went on a camping trip up American Fork Canyon. On the way there, the entire exhaust system fell off the bottom of our car. We highly recommend John's Towing and Rick's Muffler of Orem, UT to anyone with an exhaust system emergency. We were so grateful to finally get into the canyon. This is a picture of Jude waiting for me to cook dinner.

A short hike after dinner

Hot man. Cute baby.
Hot man. Cute baby. Wild flowers.

Here is Jude the next morning, waiting patiently to go on a hike to Timpanogas Cave.

Jude's first experience with a forest ranger. This forest ranger is actually our good friend Stewart Shelley who graciously agreed to pose for these overbearing parents.
A short hike to the top and then. . .

A moment to commemorate World Breastfeeding Week. (Sally, I hope you're reading this!)
Inside the cave

Then we went to Cascade Springs which is this huge waterfall-y meadow that is the first place to receive glacier runoff in the canyon. I didn't know that until after we had dipped Jude's bare feet in the water numerous times. Furthermore, I need to stop wearing this shirt at least while I'm nursing. My boobs are way too big and it is way too tight.

That's funny. It looks like there's a baby arm hanging out of my face.

We are doing Elimination Communication with Jude. Also known as baby potty training. Before you think we're crazy. . . did you know 80% of the world's children are completely potty trained by age 1? You can learn all about it at

And here is proof that it works. We only change a poopy diaper about once every two weeks, that's how much Jude likes to poo in his frog potty. He hates sitting in his own feces.

Plus, look how cute our little potato is sitting on his potty!

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading this!


  1. Whoa! I'm already behind on potty training? I had no idea!

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  3. Way to go on the Potty training! The "Hot man, Cute baby" photo is great! So is the "National Breastfeeding Week" Photo. Thanks!

  4. thanks for the pics! I love seeing all your faces. good going to Jude and his mom and dad. you guys will have him trained by the time he is one I bet. We are enjoying our time with keriann and the kids. Missing you guys. Off to the penninsula tomorrow. See you when we get back.

  5. A great post, and that's a cute little potty! I love caving - went caving with my baby a few months ago too - it was fun, I also made sure we had a bf in there as well!

    Go WBW!

  6. Awww My trailwalker friends are so dear to my heart! And their fat babies, too. I mean, your fat baby. I miss that Jubilee!
    Love the nursing picture, love the babywearing pictures, love your family!
    Oh and I read this ions ago, just never got around to commenting yet.

  7. And when I say fat baby, I mean adorably healthy and strong, with many layers of healthy, strong skin.