Friday, July 31, 2009

I am NOT a hippie!

I recently visited my friend Sally, and found that we have something in common. What is that you might ask? People often call us "hippies". My sister commented to me that when she and her husband first read my birth story, they both thought I was a "flaming hippie". One man my husband works with said to him, "Carl, you and Hilary are two of the most conservative hippies I have ever met."

I agree with Sally when she said, "I don't even know what that means. What's a hippie?" I think hippies are from a bygone era. . . like 1960's. Here are the characteristics I think of when I hear the word "hippie". . .

1) They smoked pot
2) didn't have jobs
3) had all kinds of sex with all kinds of other hippies.
4) Their value system consisted of "free love"
5) Believing in nature as their god
6) not wearing bras.

I am opposite of all of these things. Here are my characteristics. . .

1) I am strongly opposed to ANY kind of illegal drug use.
2) I have a job and believe every adult male under the age of 65 and every under-65 female not raising children should too
3) I am 100% monogomous and committed to my marriage relationship and I think people who have premarital sex are stupid (at the very least because they will contract a venereal disease and their children will be put at risk).
4) God gives us commandments for our own good so we don't become miserable and self-destructive.
5) I strongly strongly believe there is a God with a loving plan for us.
6) I SURE DO wear a bra at all times in public

You know, I think I've been called a hippie because I believe in natural childbirth, breastfeeding, and making my own yogurt. Maybe some people feel threatened by the fact that my baby has always been a good breastfeeder and they are jealous and want to find something wrong with me. Oh geez! Maybe they don't think I wear a bra so I can just whip 'em out at any time to feed the baby! How embarrassing! I really am "supported" if you know what I mean.
I also believe in the healing powers of herbs, that might be the clincher. It's not because I think nature is god, though. It's because herbs have up to 24 different protective chemical compounds in one plant that make it impossible for bacteria to mutate and penetrate. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, are made up of just one or a few chemicals in very pure form, so bacteria can walk right up to a commercial antibiotic, change clothes, and walk right through the door. This is how we end up with antibiotic resistance. Get it? It's impossible for a bacteria to find an outfit that none of 24 different compounds would recognize. Plants are very complex and naturally produce toxins when they are physically threatened.

Anyway, enough of that. I don't believe in anything unless I can make sense of it. I don't believe in voting for a president with an atrocious voting record while in the Senate. Apparently, my sister and her husband who called me a hippe do. I just do what makes sense and Sally and I came to the conclusion that you just can't categorize that. What do you think?

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