Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Farm Animals??

Recently, Jude and I went to the dollar store, and I found something that looked kind of fun for Jude's bath time. . . {disregard the CHOKING HAZARD label}

Ooooooooo! Some farm animals! So we tried a couple that first night. We got a cow and a sheep. As the bath times wore on, however, the animals that were "hatching" out of these capsules were not nearly so predictable. After a camel hatched out, I began to think it would be highly unusual to find some of these animals on a farm. Here are some of Jude's "farm animals". . .

A turkey. That's pretty good.

A goose.

A Pteradactyl. Wait, what?
Some other dinosaur. A horse would be nice about now.

I think this is a wolf.

I think this one looks like a bull elephant seal, which I thought was strange. Have you ever seen a picture of a bull elephant seal?. . .

The resemblance is striking. Now, I'm not saying that little sponge elephant seal couldn't be turned to another angle and look like some farm animal. I'm just saying, with all the random "farm animals" that hatched out of those thingies, what are the chances that it's NOT an elephant seal? Pretty slim, I'd say.

a bonus picture of Jude

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why does it even matter?

I feel so humbled right now. I am such a ridiculously opinionated person and I really believe this is the way the Adversary gets to me. I almost ALWAYS think that there is a right way to do and think about everything and that is the way I am doing it. This includes all kinds of categories like. . .


And the list goes on and on. It occurred to me AGAIN today (I'm a slow learner) after a bunch of my facebook friends had a shouting match and shot blood out of their eyes at each other, and after I realized I had hurt my sister's feelings by hitting below the belt with my opinion, that I need to stop. When your facebook wall and your blog comments are full of people who are obviously hurt or full of contention, you just have to stop.

And why does it even matter?

Who cares if I am a conservative and you are a liberal? And is there even THAT big of a difference between gospel-centered families who feel differently about the epidural? NO! There is NO DIFFERENCE in the end! We are all going to die and meet up in the afterlife, completely outside the man-made circumstances of Earth, and it WILL NOT MATTER!

So, what I've decided is, my opinions are important to me, and me only. I can choose whatever the heck I want to do. . . and here's the clincher. . . everyone else can too. I will still show my support for the things I'm fighting for, but it is futile and hurtful and unChristlike to belittle those who fight for something else or who just don't care.

What a humbling night.