Friday, October 15, 2010

Portland, Oregon: Part 2

Hi! Some more pictures and goings-on. . .
Here is Robin in her element. We got in the Halloween spirit and hung a giant spider web on the front of the house. Then the kids got to put the spiders in the web. I think in nature there is no such thing as a communal spider web. It seems like it would not be advantageous for a spider to share a web with other spiders. However, it's kind of symbolic of Robin, Briton, and my relationship.

Then we used a pair of red underwear to make a guy who would sit by the water feature, "fishing" on Halloween night. Here he is laying on the living room floor with naked kids running around him.
More kids! Robin is the neighborhood mom and she usually watches like 8 kids every day, just out of the goodness of her heart.
Dave and I took the boys hiking at the bird sanctuary last weekend. It was slow-going as we had 2 poopy diapers within about .3 miles. But we saw all kinds of interesting birds.

Talmage gathering autumn leaves

Oh wait. These are actually 2 different hikes. Anyway, here's Joseph.
These kids are serious about their cartography skills.
This was taken by Talmage, but I think it ended up being kind of artistic.
I watched Dave and Jo's boys while they went on a date. I was so surprised to find the ever-awake-and-energetic Joseph asleep on the floor in the middle of the day.
Also in the spirit of Halloween, we carved pumpkins for Family Home Evening.
Here is Jude pulling the guts out of his first pumpkin. He found just as much joy putting the guts back in the pumpkin. Poor Jude has conjunctivitis in this picture, so his eyes are weird, crusty, and red.

So those are the recent goings-on. I am still waiting for my Oregon nursing license to process. I can't get a job until I have it. I am currently working out a sketchy car deal with an Iranian man. That is a whole other story. I told Robin if I find cocaine hidden in the seats of the car, we can split the profits. All's I know is, I'm getting a STEAL of a deal on this car! Ha!


  1. I love your posts and all your witty comments! It looks like you and Portland are a good match right now. I'm so happy things are working out for you. That little Anasazi note your cousin left you, and the room painted green, can I just say "wow!" You have an amazing cousin with a BIG heart. Gave me chills. It IS nice to live by family!!