Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Last of Chattanooga

I wanted to post some pictures from our family reunion in Utah and also some from the last few days Jude and I lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee. So, here you go!

This was taken at my Grandma Kartchner's cabin (where we had the family reunion). It is mostly a picture of that bare-bones "shopping cart" that was the cause of much contention among children ages 18 months to 2.5 years old. I can't tell you how many times we removed that object and hid it from a huddle of screaming, fighting children, only to find that someone had found it again and was currently defending their right to push it around.
Here are a bunch of toddlers from my cousins' families, including Jude.

Jude, Isaac, and Joseph at my mom's house. I can't believe I caught ALL of their faces! They had a great time together, and now are loving living so close to each other in Oregon.
Here is Jude at my friend, Stephanie's house. She has a really big and awesome backyard with this hammock swing. Jude LOVES it! And I love Stephanie and I already miss her like crazy!
I took Jude to the Chattanooga Aquarium to swim one last time. They have all these great pools and "rivers" that are perfect for toddlers to practice swimming in.
Here he is "playing a trick" on me. This is the one where he hides water in his mouth until I ask him if he has water in his mouth, and then he spits it out or lets it dribble down his chin. He seems to feel so sneaky when we play this game!
Okay, that was it for our last little bit in Chattanooga. It was hard to leave in a way, but also quite refreshing to just leave the negativity behind me. When people ask me how I like Chattanooga, I have such a mixed response, and I don't know what to say. It's beautiful and fun, but I have such a negative association with it, like that's where the very jaws of hell gaped open after me. I will say this. . . Chattanooga was the most pivotal place and time in my entire life. Now, on to the new stuff!

If this video works, it's a video of Jude painting a picture for his great Grandpa Farrer. Unfortunately, the picture found its way into the recycling bin in the rush of moving.

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  1. Aww. It's sad that Chattanooga has to be a negative place for you. I miss you and am glad you are settling into Portland. It has FINALLY cooled off here and we are enjoying spending time outdoors more. So glad for fb and blogs that I can still keep in touch!