Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some Recent Goings On

Here are some pictures you might enjoy. These were taken over the last month or so. We've actually done a lot of fun things in the outdoors, but we never remember to bring our camera (in true estilo Barlow). For example, we recently took a canoe out on the Lookout Creek where we saw a huge blue heron flying off the water and 5 slider turtles follow each other off a log and into the water. . . plop, plop, plop, plop, plop! Anyway, here are a bunch of boring pictures just inside our apartment.

Jude is learning table manners

And he is becoming an artist!

An artist who uses his potty!

We got that little pink chair from the family who sold us their van. Jude seems to feel very special that he has his own little chair just his size.

This is the only picture I have of Jude on Easter 2010. I took him to the huge Baptist Easter egg hunt at Coolidge Park. It was so big, I couldn't figure out where to take Jude for the "under 2 years" section, so we didn't get any eggs. We did, however, take advantage of the Baptists' free donuts.

We went to a water garden store (where Carl was in Heaven!), and this is Jude pointing to the Koi fish he likes the most. He would still rather point at something than touch it.

Except in this case. He loves fountains. I think he got that from his Grandpa Farrer.

Some cute smiles Jude gave me on our porch right before he smashed his face into a bloody pulp.

I took Jude to the zoo, and was excited to see him play with the animals in the petting zoo. True to his nature though, he would rather point at the animals than touch them.

One more reason why homeschooling is advantageous. If you need to catch up on a subject, you can do it on the toilet and it counts as classroom time. This is a common scene in our house. Whenever Jude sits on the potty, we read him a story. He has learned a lot of important things while sitting on that potty. We ask him to "point to the ________ fill in the blank", and he totally does it. He has learned what an owl, a butterfly, a gnarled branch, and countless other things look like because of our potty-school method.


  1. Thanks Hilary I loved those pics. You need to give the camera to someone else so we can see you! Sounds as though you all are healthy and happy! Jude is sure cute and smart. It is fun to see him grow up. What will he be? There are so many possibilities! He is lucky to have great parents! You are a wonderful family!

  2. Oh my gosh- I love how chubby he is. What fun. What a cutie, especially when he's sleeping on dad's arm.

  3. Your comments really crack me up, Hilary. And your Jude is so cute and chubbilicious!

  4. I think Jude also got his G'pa Farrer's smile... ;) Cute pics!!

  5. Is there a story behind Jude smashing his face to a bloody pulp?

  6. REQUESTING SOMETHING NEW: maybe more pictures of Jude on the toilet. Cousin Enoch could use them as leverage one day.

  7. Second the motion for something new. heeelllooooo??????????